CaGBC Ruling on ventilation in MURBs

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Since this item has been in the talks for the last year (well perhaps much longer), it is important that the modelling community is aware of what is going on and the implications on energy modelling. CaGBC has just released the following and the two PDF files for CIR 1126 and CIR 1127 are attached for your reference. Please check the CaGBC’s website for the latest information:

“In response to feedback from the market following publication of the technical bulletin, the CaGBC has released CIR 1126 “Demonstrating compliance to EQp1 for MURBs”. This CIR provides further technical clarifications to the ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements under LEED Canada specifically for MURB projects. Three key considerations for designing MURB ventilation systems are outlined, and several examples are provided of systems that would be problematic in demonstrating compliance to the requirements of EQp1.

 Additionally, CIR 1127 “Clarification for natural ventilation strategies” has been released and provides guidance on using natural ventilation to meet the requirements of EQp1 for all projects types in Canada. Note that this CIR marks June 2, 2014, as a significant date for projects with designs that rely on natural ventilation as either the sole means of supplying ventilation air or as a supplement to mechanical ventilation systems. Please refer to CIR 1127 for details.

 If project teams have specific concerns about a LEED project candidate’s ability to meet the requirements of EQp1, please send an email to, Be sure to include the CaGBC project number and a description of the specific technical concerns. However, please note that the CaGBC does not provide design advice. “

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