External Event: Thermal Bridging Calculations – CanPHI

Thermal bridging is an important consideration in Passive House design. Generally, the aim is to wrap entire the thermal envelope in a blanket of insulation, thereby eliminating all bridges. However, practicalities and cost may prevent this goal from being achieved. To properly assess junctions that contain thermal bridging, 2D thermal modelling is often needed. This modelling must be carefully performed using validated software to ensure accurate results.

In this two-day course, participants will learn the fundamentals of thermal bridging calculations for wood-framed construction. Common junction details and their modelling conventions will be examined. Modelling techniques will be taught using Therm. Participants will be given the opportunity to perform calculations and have them reviewed in class.

Head over to CanPHI’s site and check out more about the course if you are interested: http://www.passivehouse.ca/2-day-thermal-bridge-course-vancouver/

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